Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Tales of the Otherworld

Here it is... the stories of the characters that we love so much. This anthology has a number of mini-stories, filling in the blanks of our fave characters.

In the Rebirth, we learn how Aaron becomes a vampire. Bewitched, the story of Eve and Kristof. Birthright, Logan's story of how he discovered his werewolf ancestry. Beginnings, which is the longest anthology in this book, tells us how Clayton is bitten with LOVE, and what he does to keep Elena in his life. Expectations, Lucas and his first investigation, which ties to Eve. Ghosts, is about Jeremy, being left at Stonehaven after sending Elena and Clay to Toronto. Wedding Bell Hell, the events that took place before Paige and Lucas tie the knot. And lastly, The Case of El Chupacabra, a story where Sean Nast beginning to deal with his homosexuality.

The least liked story was Birthright... but I'm glad to know how Aaron and Cassandra do meet. My favorites, well tough one. Clay and Elena or Paige and Lucas, or Eve and Kristof. Funny when I first was introduced to Kristof in one of Armstrongs' earlier books, I really did not like him. But, in Bewitched, I saw a whole different side to him and I could see why Eve was so taken with him.

Any Armstrong fan will LOVE this anthology. Really doesn't matter when you read this, before starting the Women of the Otherwold series, in between, or after. As always, Armstrong doesn't disappoint.

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  1. Hi Tandy;
    Nice review. It's nice when you give the personal point of view in a review, like enjoying to learn how Aaron and Cassandra meet.