Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Tales of the Otherworld

Here it is... the stories of the characters that we love so much. This anthology has a number of mini-stories, filling in the blanks of our fave characters.

In the Rebirth, we learn how Aaron becomes a vampire. Bewitched, the story of Eve and Kristof. Birthright, Logan's story of how he discovered his werewolf ancestry. Beginnings, which is the longest anthology in this book, tells us how Clayton is bitten with LOVE, and what he does to keep Elena in his life. Expectations, Lucas and his first investigation, which ties to Eve. Ghosts, is about Jeremy, being left at Stonehaven after sending Elena and Clay to Toronto. Wedding Bell Hell, the events that took place before Paige and Lucas tie the knot. And lastly, The Case of El Chupacabra, a story where Sean Nast beginning to deal with his homosexuality.

The least liked story was Birthright... but I'm glad to know how Aaron and Cassandra do meet. My favorites, well tough one. Clay and Elena or Paige and Lucas, or Eve and Kristof. Funny when I first was introduced to Kristof in one of Armstrongs' earlier books, I really did not like him. But, in Bewitched, I saw a whole different side to him and I could see why Eve was so taken with him.

Any Armstrong fan will LOVE this anthology. Really doesn't matter when you read this, before starting the Women of the Otherwold series, in between, or after. As always, Armstrong doesn't disappoint.

Duluth library book sale browsing goes high-tech | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth library book sale browsing goes high-tech | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota
Interesting article in the Duluth News Tribune out of Duluth, Minnesota. So, depending on who you ask... scanners are either organized, founding homes for used books or scanners are heartless, non-book lovers. I can see how useful this would be for both the book buyer looking to fill their book shelves (or their online stores), or like the article mentions, those "Not everyone using a scanner did so with turning a profit in mind. A couple of people downloaded the titles from their CD collections into their scanners to ensure they didn’t end up with duplicates."

I guess to each their own. You can't make everyone happy and your always going to piss someone off. To those that get so pissed off easily, there are more important things to worry about. Let the scanners fill their shelves, find another home for this book and that book.... it's a win-win for the library hosting the book sale and isn't that what is most important!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's your library like??

I was reading a blogger that I follow because it concerned the closing of a library. If you are interested in visiting that blog, check out the Book Chase.

The article titled, Camden Closing Library System, highlighted much on the state of finances of the city and closing a number of branches. In tough times, like our current economy, libraries are the hub for the unemployed looking for jobs, refreshing their resumes; the individuals and/or families that are on tighter budgets can check out the latest books, audios and even DVDs... for FREE!! (unless those materials are late, pending library policies across the country).

One statement in this article I completely disagree with... here's what was stated: New York library customer Elle Byram said she's trying to avoid coffee shops where she'll end up spending money. She said the library "is spacious, it has free internet access. You meet cool people, but it's not really supposed to be a social place."

Maybe I'm missing her point, then again, maybe this is left to interpretation. Libraries are very much a social place, the libraries of today that is. We have moved beyond the times of the ssssshhhhhhhhhh sound, where the only sound would be that of a pen dropping. With big box book retailers inviting us to step beyond the doors with presenting us with coffee shops and large comfy chairs- this just takes away from a library. So, it's not uncommon to see libraries borrow those ideas with their own coffee shop version, all offering free internet access, free materials to check out (FREE services), a gathering place for friends/classmates/business professionals. Libraries have changed and they have to in order to be competitive in a sense with the big box retailers. Librarians constantly have to think outside the box, which isn't a bad thing either. And if that means the library is becoming more of a social place, and that is what draws users in the doors, then that's what it takes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I'm going to read next.....

I only have a few more pages left of the current Kelley Armstrong book left to read of her Men of the Otherworld series. I'm going to finish up her 3rd book in her YA series. I'm going to flip to a page in the book and share a few lines from it...............

"So you have no idea who hired him?"
"Some supernatural. A healer guy."
"Sorcerer?" I said. "Shaman?"
"No clue. I'm not into that stuff. Anyway, someone put Liam in touch with this guy who wanted a werewolf to track you down"-- he nodded at Derek--"and hand you over to the Pack. Just so happened we were already in trouble with the Pack-- on account of Liam, as usual."(pg 187, Armstrong)

I can't wait to get started with the 3rd installment. I really enjoyed her first two YA books. I LOVE her Women of the Otherworld and Men of the Otherworld series, and I have came to really love this series as well. Anyways, as soon as I've got this one read, I'm letting my friends' daughter borrow this trilogy to read.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Now, I have done more reading since my last post, I've just been very busy in updating my blog with book reviews. I picked this one up at my local library, Grand Rapids Area Library, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

I really enjoyed this book. Grahame-Smith adds a spin to Abe... a certain amount of humor. Abe would make a good vampire hunter. This is my first book that I have read, and I know there is a term for this type of fiction, I enjoyed it. An excellent melding of history into a horror/fantasy world- with non-sparkling vampires but, brutal, blood thirsty killers. I liked that Abe befriended one of his sworn enemies and seeing that even Henry wasn't fond of the life he was left with. With Henry coming to Abe's rescue from the hands of a blood thirsty vampire. Henry teaches Abe how to out smart, toughen him up, and the killing points on a vamp. You go Abe!! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long over due.......

Well, it has been a long time. My bachelors from the University of Maine at Augusta is finally completed... YEA!!!!!! However, I have decided to pursue a K-8 teaching licenses, beginning Fall 2010 @ Bemidji State University.

I went back and forth in the route I wanted to take. Back in February, I applied to graduate school (San Jose State University) to get my masters in library science. Then I wanted to get me MN media specialist license. Given the current situation that is going on the in state, some districts eliminating school librarians, others hiring only part-time, and others spreading the school librarian thin over more than one building. I'm very much passionate about creating, collaborating, and teaching others that school libraries are more than just books. The way I see it, the school library is the brain of any school. Research has proven the correlation between an active school library and students' test scores. There's just people, maybe some teachers, administration and school board members that do not understand or get the BIG picture of it all. So, I gotta increase my chances of getting a job, and 2 licenses is better than 1.

Anyways, I've got some books that I'm finishing up reading and will write a few reviews for. I might even through in a few reviews of some Contemporary Latin American literature that I read for class last semester.

Until then... keep reading!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Book Review: A Circle of Souls

Title: A Circle of Souls
Author: Preetham Grandhi
ISBN: 978-1-59955-235-4

If you are searching for a turn paging, thriller of a story, then pick up this first time novel by Preethan Gandhi. The short chapters and shifting viewpoints and characters made this such a quick read for me; I could have finished this in a couple of evenings, maybe even a day if I didn't have an almost 8-month old.

His working knowledge is reflected in the story surrounding a child psychiatrist and even to the minor details of dealing with insurance companies to the details of children psych wards. But that's not what this whole novel is about. A child is murdered and begins contacting this young doctor's patient, Naya, and visiting her in her dreams. For an 8 year old, Naya is quite the artist, and draws her dreams out with such great detail, that her pictures are the needed clues to help guide the police in this horror of a crime.

You can't help but be sympathetic to the murderer and his past. What he witnessed his father doing, the threats his father placed on him, to losing important people in his life. However, that doesn't make his actions right or even ok. We at least know the ghosts that haunted him.

The story just touched on the surface of Indian astrology and I would loved to have read a little more about that, maybe even played a little more in this book. I'm not real sure, all I know is I had a taste of it and I wanted more.

I want to thank the author again for contacting me to read and review his book. I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling. I also want to mention that this review is based on the advanced readers copy.